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NBS People consulting

Who we are.

NBS People Consulting provides HR solutions to companies around the world. Based in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, we haved worked with clients in the Netherlands, UAE, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, and elsewhere. We now offer HR support on Demand, an innovative package-based solution for many of your HR needs. We are reliable, flexible, and quick – with fees that fit your budget.

HR support
HR consultant with over 20 years of experience

NBS People Consulting was founded in 2021 by Andres Moll, who has worked in HR for more than 20 years in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Mauritius. During these two decades spent in internal HR management, Andres has learned how critical an HR strategy is to a company’s commercial strategy, and he knows how to help organizations to quicky adapt their HR strategy and actions to fast-changing environments. He speaks English, Dutch, French, and German.

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